Thursday, February 19, 2015

Best Medicine

Yesterday afternoon, wandering the internet because I couldn't settle my head to read, I came across the funniest thing...exactly what I needed to cheer me up.  Laughter has always been my solace, my emotional pain reliever; a good, hard belly laugh and I'll be able to face whatever ails me.


After the monumental snowstorm in Boston, with feet of snow heaped in giant mounds all over the city, someone started the Boston Blizzard Challenge.  Honestly, you gotta love those crazy kids...except many were adults.  Go figure.

The Challenge was to dive into the snow drifts--from on high, like balconies and rooftops, car hoods and window ledges.  Seriously, the tweets/videos were so stupidly funny, I cracked up several times. They jumped, they fell, they were pushed.  Truly, peeps, would you really jump off your roof into a snow drift?  Or perch on the window ledge of your apartment building before leaping?  For some strange reason most of them were half-naked too--shorts, no shirts; bathing suits and bikinis.  I'm not sure if that was part of the challenge or just extra craziness.

After laughing at the jumpers, I then watched what Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston had to say...and totally lost it.  What he said was funnier than the jumping.  Imagine the mayor of a major US city compelled to hold a new conference because his people are doing something really, really dumb.

"This isn't Loon Mountain," he says, very irate, glaring into the cameras, "this is the city of Boston. Stop this nonsense!"  Nothing like being scolded, on national television, like you're all just a bunch of very naughty children.

Though, I think what Mayor Walsh failed to realize is that for a while there, Boston was Loon Mountain and a good portion of its citizens were lunatics...


  1. Oh LOL!! I had no idea they were doing this in Boston. I could imagine jumping into a pile all bundled up (not from a window though) but half naked??? No way! ;) I understand the mayor's concern...but all the snow makes people crazy, it's not even their fault ;)

    1. Watching those crazy people fly into the snow just made my day. Humans, aren't we endlessly entertaining?? ;D

  2. I think the folks in Boston should get at least one silliness pass, considering.

    I thought of you yesterday when I woke up and had to melt a half-inch layer of ICE off my truck windshield. As soon as I figure out the quantum physics involved I'm sending all this frigid weather your way.

    1. And I would take it in a minute! Maybe the earth shifted and OR switched places with FL...that might explain a lot...;D