Sunday, February 19, 2012

Endless Possibilities...Or Not

A glorious, beautiful Sunday at the coast.  I took the dogs on a long beach walk before breakfast, though the tide was high so we were in the driftwood more than sand, which of course the boys weren't happy about.

The view from the front window of our hotel room this morning...

Close up of the rocks and the wave action as the tide came roaring in...

Mom and I went to the bookstore--the largest on the Oregon coast--for breakfast (organic muffins and a very large coffee), then we wandered the aisles on two floors.  It was a unique book shop, with quotes and sayings all over the walls, and artwork and crafts from local artisans scattered everywhere, giving the place more of an art gallery feel.  I was actually a bit disappointed to discover that the shop was predominantly used books, though the coffee was excellent. 

Standing on the main floor, shooting up to the second floor.

Shot from the second floor down to the main...


I had seen a flyer around town about a book sale at the Cannery, a building at the harbor, so we headed that way before driving south.  It was really fun; all the books you could stuff into a brown paper bag, costing $2.00.  Mom found several books, though I didn't fare as well.  Still, we left with two very full bags and only spent $4.00.

There is a most beautiful bridge that spans the Rogue River, and the view from the harbor was one I just couldn't resist.

The Patterson Bridge, built in the early 1930s, and how Art Deco could it be..??  At night it's lit up and looks really cool.

Next we drove south, about 30 miles or so, to the last town before California.  It was another place I was considering in my quest.  Along the way, I took these two pictures...again because I just love the spectacular scenery of this amazing coastline.

We drove all over the town, though unfortunately discovered there is no beach access either because access is private, or the land is on a cliff.  Not exactly what I want for walking the dogs along the beach in the mornings.  As we were wandering down one lane along a cliff side, we saw a For Sale sign, so turned onto an even smaller lane...and discovered this.  Seriously.  What in the world..??  Move back to America and live in a Scottish castle...go figure.

We got some take-out food as we left town and drove north.  About ten minutes later we found this lovely little secluded spot beside the highway and had lunch.  Quiet, just the sound of the surf, and the munching of food--that would be from the dogs, Mom and I were dainty, of course.

Back in our own little village, we went shopping, bought some treats and okay, yes, some wine, and unloaded our book booty and other stuff.  I took the dogs out for a beach walk, then brought them back for Mom to doggy sit, and headed out by myself to do some thinking, brainstorming, and beachcombing.

I found some stones and a lovely agate, nearly froze my buns off as the sun went down and the wind kicked in, sent my thoughts out to sea asking for guidance--or at the very least a sign.--then had a compelling, inexplicable moment with a seal...

Home tomorrow, long drive--thanks to that detour--with lots to think about, and more to post.

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