Sunday, February 12, 2012


When the boys and I returned from our walk this morning, I was hanging up my jacket and glanced out the back window.

And there they were, the first twins of Spring.

That's the Mom on the stone wall above, the kidlets below.  I used the telephoto so they look bigger in the photo than in reality.  Unfortunately, my reality is that now I have to hit the Co-op to buy more coyote mean Deer Fence solution.  And after my last experience, I think I might also need a new sprayer.

I love the wildlife aspect of things up here on the mountain, really I do.  What I don't like are the rapacious appetites of that same wildlife.  Once the herd of babies start roaming all over the place, I'm doomed to keep any flowers, plants, shrubs, even some trees alive, unless I spray every week, and still the fawns will eat everything in sight until they figure out what tastes like crap and what is good to munch into kindling.

Ah well.  They've got as much right to eat as anyone, I guess.  I just wish they preferred the neighboring gardens to mine...

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