Friday, February 17, 2012

On the Road Again...

Mom will be arriving shortly, then tomorrow morning we will be driving to the southern Oregon coast on the Great Fact Finding Mission. I'm really looking forward to the road trip, though I'm a bit apprehensive about the results.  What if it isn't a place I can call home??  I'm going to remain open and receptive; not make any decisions, and just have a good three days of fun at the beach.  Time enough for soul-searching and conclusions about my life's path next week.

The boys will love the adventure of traveling, and the excitement of crashing waves and new smells.  I will love that as well, but also can't wait to investigate the bookstore, shops and wander about aimlessly, getting a feel for the place.  I'll take loads of photos, and might even take the laptop, though haven't totally decided about that yet.  If I don't post until next Tuesday, that pretty much will clarify what my decision was.


Remember the wee hummingbird post of a few days ago??  This morning I managed to take a quick shot of him in the tree, without any telephoto or Macro effects.

The small photo on the left is the one I loved best from the original post.  The bigger one is a shot of the tree off the back deck this morning.  Can you spot Waldo??  I find these two photos amazing on two levels: how tiny he is in real life; and how great my camera lens is to get such clear close-ups.

Time to go.  I have some stuff to do before the Mother Ship arrives.  Good weekend to everyone, and I'll either catch you on the flipside, or will post throughout the weekend.  Stay tuned...

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