Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday it was a beautiful and balmy 65 degrees.  This morning I was startled to open the blinds and find the hills dusted with snow, then about an hour later it started up again and has been falling steadily ever since.  Combined with the expected storm that is to hit overnight and carry into Monday, we might actually get a good accumulation of snow this weekend. 

Chaos and turbulence most elemental, and yet in the midst of it all, the turmoil heralds the change from Winter to Spring...and that's a good thing.

Speaking of Winter and Spring.  Why, oh why aren't those words capitalized?   They truly should be, and who decided they shouldn't?  We capitalize the months, the days of the week, why not the seasons?  I have always capped them, regardless of getting in trouble for it in school, or trying to defend myself with an editor, even arguing my point with friends after well-meaning critiques on my writing.  I persist nonetheless.  The four seasons are delineated, meaningful dates and events, in our lives and our calendars--and have been for centuries.  Why are they relegated to such unimportant non-capped little words, as if they don't really matter in the big scheme of things?   How much bigger can you get than to be only four of something in the whole of mankind's existence?

I just might have to start a punctuation rebellion, a Capitalize the Seasons revolt.  I'll need a slogan, a catchy motto of some kind, and tee shirts; you've gotta have tee shirts for a decent revolution.  

I can feel the first little twinges of mutiny stirring in my blood.  I will become the champion for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...!!!!  I can change history, alter the course of language and literature, I could be queen of---

Oh sorry, so sorry.  Lost my head for a moment there.  Perhaps I just need to start small.  I'll go now and work on those tee shirts...

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