Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here's a Cool Thing...

The other day I was having breakfast, reading one of my Daily Fix usual morning routine.  The author of this particular site was having a giveaway.  She had found these divination cards, called The Answer Deck, at her local bookstore, and along with a copy of her latest book, was offering them in her giveaway.  All you had to do to enter was comment about what motivated you to write.

(On her website, she always has these great techniques, tools, or ideas to help with plots, characters, or really just anything to do with writing). 

I totally fell in love with these cards, more for inspiration as plot devices than fortunetelling; the graphics were just amazing in the few photos she posted.  I entered the giveaway, never expecting to win, but lo and behold: I did..!!  So, the other day I get this great little packet in the mail.  The cards, her book, and a very cool bookmark.

The artwork is, well, wonderful.  I love how the graphic ties in with the divination word; and the simple drama of the black & white drawing, bordered with brilliant red.  Without too much effort, I can see whole stories in these cards.  My photos aren't so hot, but the pictures on the cards are visible enough to get the drift.  There are 73 cards in the deck, all of them really good; I randomly chose a few, but--

Oh here, just let me show you:


So clear...the overflowing cup as the person keeps pouring, wasting tea with no regard or care, making no attempt to stop, just wanting more, and more.



A small child playing with her little dog.  Jumping, laughing, happy.


Wow.  How much do I love this one.  The lone rose, the drop of water falling like a tear, the puddle on the table growing...


Perfect, with the falling leaves; marking the change in seasons, or just the letting go of the old to make way for the new.


Another cool one.  Really, can't you see it?  The shade nearly drawn over the window; what's happening in that room, in that house?



Dropping, breaking.  Not an accident, but a mistake of some kind.  Can the cup be fixed?


This is perfect.  Where to go?  Which is the right choice?  Is there a center to the maze?

(I should blow this one up and stick it on my fridge.)



Great graphic.  Bridging the differences, finding a way back, meeting in the middle.  I see so  many interpretations for this one.

I haven't used these cards for any divinations; I've been too captivated by the graphics to do much more than look at them, letting my imagination soar. 

If I were ever to win a giveaway, how glad I am it was this one...