Monday, November 5, 2012

Tick, Tock...

I was disappointed yesterday--I suppose in myself, though I'm also putting half the blame on the frigging time change--that I missed reaching my 10K goal on NaNo.  I managed to get to 9,470 before taking a break for dinner, fully intending to resume my quest afterward.
Had dinner, fed the dogs, did the dishes, checked my emails, let the dogs out in the backyard, looked at my story...and nearly had a narcoleptic attack.  Seriously.  Just the thought of having to write 600 more words threatened to put me under.  I was already tired because I really don't do the time warp well, so I had no recourse but to stop writing and shut off the computer.
And this is what I get for bailing:  Later in the evening, I got a phone call from the plumber, who wants to come this afternoon to fix that ongoing damnable nightmare of a bathtub.  He anticipates the job taking about three hours. Hopefully he won't want to talk, or ask me questions every five minutes because really, I don't have time.

The weather, which has been unseasonably warm (it was actually 82* in my living room yesterday afternoon--in November!), is supposed to plummet by mid-week into unseasonably cold, with snow in the mountain passes, frost everywhere else.  In other words, we're getting a good taste of real winter.   As there probably won't be many days left to appreciate the Fall colors, I took my camera with me on the walk this morning.
Sea of gold...

A ring of toadstools that completely circled this large oak tree...

Really big, fat toadstools...

And from a different perspective, with a squint of the eyes, don't see leaves...see tiny fallen stars...


Okay...clock's ticking and this isn't getting my book written, or my word count back on track.  Besides, I might be on borrowed time here, depending on how the plumber thing goes.  Since I had a hard time getting him off the phone last night, it's clear he does like to chat, which isn't going to help me concentrate or stay focused. 

Hmmm.  Is it kidnapping if I lock him in the bathroom...??

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