Monday, November 12, 2012

Plodding and Plots

I'm not sure taking the weekend off accomplished much in the NaNo writing and word count scheme.  Saturday went fairly well, but yesterday was a total wash.  A plot twist changed a key element in the story, which meant the rewrite of an entire chapter.  My goal had been to reach 20K by the end of Sunday, but I had to really work to get halfway through 18K.

I can't figure out what the problem is this year.  Everything has been a struggle, the words coming piecemeal and wrong, then having to be fixed, taking more time.  Frankly, I'm not sure where the frigging plot is going at this point, and it's too late to start over with something else.  Buggers. 

Still, I will carry on.  Mainly because I'm stubborn and refuse to give up, or give in, though making 50K by November 30 seems unattainable right now.  At my present rate, I could possibly limp over the finish line...if it weren't for Thanksgiving.  I like being way ahead by then so I can relax, have fun, drink and be merry, knowing I'm in good shape and don't have to stress about writing for a few days.  Although, unless I have a sudden epiphany about the plot, or I start channeling my characters without having to think or make constant changes, I not only won't be in good shape next week, I might be typing with one hand and eating turkey with the other.

But you never know.  Underdogs, lame ducks, plodding turtles, forehead slapping L-word losers, and clueless writers sometimes manage to cross that elusive finish line.  Sometimes...

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