Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day One...

So, today was the first of 30 in the grueling and exhausting NaNo event.  I struggled in the beginning--it's looking at that blank page, wondering where to start.  I changed my mind from the original start that I'd intended, and just as I was finding my new stride, the phone rings and it's Jan (BFF), who is in LA at the moment trying to deal with family issues.  What could I do?  She's my best friend, I know her mother, I understand the problems.  We talked for about an hour, then I needed to clear my head, but at last...I'm cooking.

And four hours later, 2,869 words, an Epilogue and a completed Chapter One, I am a very happy girl.  Course, after all my efforts leading up to this--the outlines, research, etc.,--what happens?  The story veers off into another dimension almost from the get-go.  Oh well.  I've still got the same basic premise, and I'm more than pleased with my word count on the first day...because speaking from experience?  There will be days ahead where I lose the plot, my mind, and the will to live.  It's just part of the process.

After stopping for the day, I spent about a half hour on my frigging word count meter (off to the right there...) and can't get the blasted thing to record my 2,869 words, let alone a percentage.  I'm too tired to care right now, but tomorrow I'm going to find another one.  I like the incentive of that little meter counting off the numbers.

Okay.  It's getting late, I'm hungry and want a celebratory glass of wine for exceeding my target for the day by 1,202 words.  Remind me about this euphoria when I fall on my face next week and want to tear the whole manuscript into confetti and move to the Outback.  Trust me, I'm not kidding...

NB:  Found a counter at the NaNo site.  Happy happy...


  1. I'm thrilled I'm not alone...and still so unsure I can make the plot I've begun stretch to this length. *sigh* If you care to find me there...

    1. Sent you an email at your NaNo site.

      And yes, you'll be able to stretch it. Wait until one of the characters takes over, won't shut up, and suddenly you find there's too much plot!! ;D