Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Being thankful should be a daily thing really, not just on the fourth Thursday in November.  Still, at least we have one day set aside to think about our friends, families, to appreciate what we have.

Last night as I was shutting the blinds, I saw this stunning sunset.  I grabbed my camera, took a few pictures, then just stood quietly on the front deck and marveled at the beauty in our world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  And, for those of you who have already celebrated (our Canadian neighbors), or don't have such a holiday, take a moment anyway, to be thankful for what you have, who you have.  Even if it's a small thing like a sunset, the sound of laughter, a sparkle of light across water, a deep breath, a smile...see it, hear it.  Feel it. 

And be grateful.

[P.S.  And don't forget to kiss the cook for miraculously getting all that food on the table...]


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, friend. I hope it's a wonderful day for you....I'm thankful for your blog and daily thoughts. Brightens my day...;-)

  2. Loverly picture. We too had an impressive sunset yesterday.

    Oh, and happy glutony day to you as well ;)...