Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Enough Already...

Today I finished the last of the planting, scattered and raked the wildflower seeds down the bank, watered everything, mowed the lawn, edged the grass, did laundry, went grocery shopping, took Ozzy to the groomer's, Max to the vet, got fuel for the SUV, and somewhere in there I think I ate lunch.

And it was hot from first thing this morning.  Not scorching yet, but sweat-inducing for sure.  I'm so happy I've managed to get this far with all the gardening, but now it's time for my much deserved break.  Time to relax, do some Scribbling, read, paint my toenails bright red.  Drink.  Because once I catch my breath, my next task is to wash and stain both front and back decks.

I'm not fond of Summer.  And I realize May is not Summer, though by the weather here, you could sure fool me.  Still, to clarify, I should say I'm not found of being hot.  I would like to live in perpetual Spring.  Wouldn't that be cool?  Perfect temperatures, mild breezes, everything budding, growing, colorful, but nothing yet requiring human involvement.


My idea of bliss.

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