Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Changing Scenes...

Last week, after I'd marginally recovered from flu shot poisoning, I took the boys to the county park--now open again for dog walks.  Thursday was the penultimate sunny, hot and humid morning, though we were there very early so the temperature was still in the bearable zone.

The river, as it meanders toward the Pacific Ocean, which is on the other side of those mountains...

Then, Friday morning, I opened the blinds to see the heavy valley fog has come back.  I love being above the clouds.  The ridges below look like islands in a misty sea...

Late Friday the rains came and it's been a succession of storms ever since.  And believe me, I am not complaining! 

I took this shot yesterday.  I was really trying to get a picture of the turbulence in the black clouds, but suddenly these rays of light burst through.  Before I could take more than this one shot, the rain began to pour down and the left ray disappeared.  I got several more photos as the light changed, and the rain fell and the wind churned it all into mist.  I posted my favorite of the storm shots on the photo blog.

So fast things can change.  A week ago I couldn't imagine ever being cool again.  I was tormented by the humidity and the brutal heat of a Summer that wouldn't end.  But in two short days, it became a different world of warm socks and flannel sheets and falling asleep with the lullaby of rain pounding on the roof.

Weather is like life really, if you think about it.  People can run hot or cold, be kind or cruel, fierce or gentle, deadly or life-affirming...just like the climate.  

Because all of it is in constant, vibrant flux...including us.


  1. There's snow up top and more is foretold in the next few days-Miguel Loco owes me an ice-climbing expedition. Finally, the aspens have started to turn. I am accepting the inevitability of autumn.

    1. Ice climbing there's a true weather changing event to anticipate!

      Suddenly, from green to colored leaves, the oak and sugar maple and the sycamore are beginning to fire up my walks.

      Resistance is futile...