Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Geography...or Geology?

Robbie, over at Tales From Beyond, lives in the high reaches of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  On most Tuesdays, he goes walkabout, hiking in the true wilderness.  Yesterday he posted a most excellent piece about walking amongst the dragons...and had two photos to illustrate his adventures.

They reminded me so much of Scotland, it was near to breaking my heart.  There's an area, in the northern Highlands called the Great Glen.  It's a natural cut in the earth that runs right across the land for over 62 miles.  There are lochs--Ness being one--and mountains and more glens and barren, raw landscapes that take your breath away.  Once, when Alan and I were on one of our many road trips, I stood in the heart of Glen Coe and cried at the awesome, stark beauty.  And for the tragedy that occurred there, but that's a story for another time.

Here is a map, and a few photos along the route of the Great Glen...

(The first shot, below the map, is Glen Coe.  Still leaves me utterly breathless and teary, though now that's probably due to acute homesickness)

Check out Robbie's blog and look at his two photos.  Other than the elevations, I see a real similarity in the landscapes. it just me and a big ol' heap of wishful thinking?


  1. You're not the only one who has mentioned where I live having that highland vibe. Even and especially when it's murky out. Although, my mountains are a bit craggier ;p.

    I confess, sometimes, I think of Tibet as a parallel, even though my highest peaks are what would equate to their lowlands...

    1. Craggier...and ten thousand feet higher. ;D

      And yeah, I can easily see the Tibetan more ways than one.