Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm off the grid today.  There's a Torchwood marathon playing and I fully intend to savor every moment.  I started watching this series from the first episode on the BBC in October, 2006, and never missed a show.  It's sort of a spin-off from Doctor Who, though for the most part it takes place in Cardiff, Wales, with a team of people who fight monsters and aliens and bizarre things that go bump in the night.

Though I love the weird--and often tearful and poignant--stories, the brilliant actors, and the scenery of a most beautiful part of the UK, I freely admit that I watch this excellent program because of Captain Jack Harkness, the immortal leader of the Torchwood Institute.

Because...holy crap...

John Barrowman



  1. "Because...holy crap..."

    He's gay?

    You know I had to. It was a moral imperative...;p

    1. Course he's gay, he's too gorgeous. And he just married his longtime partner. Still. No hardship in, I mean looking!! ;D

  2. He also has a beautiful singing voice.