Monday, December 1, 2014

Dancing Into December

So peeps, here we are, starting the last month in a year that has flown by faster than should be possible, what with that whole space/time continuum thing going on.

I had a great Thanksgiving dinner, simple but delicious, followed by two nights of the best hot turkey sandwiches ever.  Honestly, it makes me wonder why I don't cook a turkey more often just to have those sandwiches.  Oh wait, I remember why--because I don't want to weigh 500 pounds and have to be lifted out of my house by crane.

I didn't make a pie this year, but I did make dessert.  Lynn had posted a recipe for her No-Brainer Fudge that sounded good and easy.  I had all the ingredients, plus some salted peanuts, so I made that instead.

And it was so very delicious....


The weather today is atrocious--my favorite--with howling winds and rain.  The boys weren't thrilled for their walk in the park this morning, but hey, if I'm out there getting soaking wet, then they're going to join in the fun.

And speaking of dogs.  I had a few inquiries about Max's two trips to the vet...

Last Friday morning I got up, fed the dogs and was making my coffee when I noticed Max looked...weird.  I lift his head and am shocked to discover that his eye is swollen shut, like he's been punched in the face.  A few weeks earlier, he had a slight case of doggy conjunctivitis, got some drops from the vet and by the weekend he was fine.

So what is this then?  I call the vet, take him right in and they do all these ophthalmology things--don't ask, it was gross--and ultimately find an deep abrasion on the surface of his eyeball.  No clue how it happened, though he's a dog and is always sticking his head where it doesn't belong.

Finished, I fight my way through Black Friday traffic, make it home and at first Max looks better, less puffy.  The vet had given him the first dose of medication, I gave him the second at lunchtime, then was finally able to sit down to write while both dogs took their afternoon naps.

Around 4:00 or so, I take a break from typing, make myself a cup of tea then take the boys out for a pit stop and cookie treats before I get back to work.  I toss Max a cookie and he missed it by a mile. I frown, get down to his level for a good look, and bloody hell, half his face has ballooned up and I can't even see where his eye is supposed to be.  He looks like a lopsided Cyclops.  Holy crap.

I rush him back to the clinic, there's more swabbing and flushing and other eye-related treatments that I thankfully wasn't privy to.  At last it's determined that he had a severe allergic reaction to that particular medicine.  So, third time's a charm.  The new meds did the trick and by Saturday afternoon he looked ever so much better.


My big plan to stay in my jim-jams and peruse my new books, whilst drinking copious amounts of whiskey, on my first free Sunday in a month didn't pan out.  Whenever I want to shut out the world and do absolutely nothing, I end up being more busy than if I'd planned a day's hard graft.

I'd let the housework slide during NaNo Madness, managing only the basics. Yesterday I took a good look at things and just couldn't sit down and do that elusive Nothing until I'd taken care of a shitload of chores.  So, I watered all the plants, did the laundry, washed the kitchen floor, plucked my chin hairs (and omg...I went out in public with those??), changed the bedding, walked the dogs twice and removed a tick from my neighbor's tiny little Chihuahua while she screamed like a banshee--the dog, not my neighbor.  And for a wee three pound dog, that little girl can make a prodigious amount of noise.

So, by the time I finally had a moment to myself--after dinner--I fell asleep in my reading chair, books piled all around me, and didn't read a single word or take one sip of my whiskey.  Buggers.

I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.


  1. Thank goodness the new meds worked. Allergic reactions are scary!!

    p.s. I want that fudge!! :)

    1. Totally scary, though today he's doing really good and almost looks normal. Whew...!!

      The fudge is easy and delicious...and believe me, you can make it yourself... ;D