Monday, December 15, 2014

Short Recap

The can't find a book to read curse is finally broken.  I found a book that totally captivated me on Saturday, plowed through it in record time, then lucked out with the next one in my TBR pile which I'm finishing today.  Whew.  I was worried for a bit there. Six weeks without reading was torture and my worst nightmare.

No.  Wait.  My real worst nightmare has been with me since I was a kid.  I used to love watching those old Twilight Zone shows, but only one episode has stuck with me for most of my life.  In fact, the BFF and I initially became friends when we discovered we shared the same nightmare, thanks to the episode, Time Enough At Last.  It makes me shiver just to think of Henry Bemis.  When I was that young girl, laying on the floor in the TV room and the final credits began to roll, I was filled with such horror, that I still haven't recovered. I wasn't bothered by aliens, supernatural stuff or scary things, but that episode terrified me.  And still does.  I think it's the reason I always have spare glasses around the house. Really.  I must have five pairs stashed in various places.  Ah, the influence of television on a child's mind...


Hopefully writing the words won't jinx things, but Max's eye has improved greatly over the weekend and I'm encouraged that by Friday (his follow-up appointment) he'll be totally okay.  Seriously, I could use a break in the drama.

Speaking of toes aren't swollen anymore, though they don't like being stuffed into shoes.  The colors are pretty spectacular too, and now I have an interesting click coming from one of the gnarled toes when I walk.  It doesn't hurt, but my days as an undercover operative are apparently over.  No sneaking around when I sound like a deformed one-legged cricket.


The storms are over, the fog is back, but the temps are still unseasonably warm.  Even during the monsoon rain and winds last week, it was in the 60s.  It felt like a tropical the mountains, in the middle of December, peeps.  Not good.  So, along with killing each other, we're taking out the planet as well.

I just find it inconceivable that we're really this stupid.


  1. That was the first Twilight Zone I ever saw, and it is certainly a favorite. My father and I watched it when I was somewhere between ten and twelve-whenever i think of childhood memories, for some reason, it's always between ten and twelve-and my father remarked that the episode was grand for the irony factor.

    Yeh, planet's broke...

    1. Your Dad was totally right. I'll never forget that last moment in the story when Henry Bemis is surrounded by heaps and piles of books...and his glasses break. Aacckk...!! Makes my stomach churn just to think of it.. ;D

      What's broke are humans.