Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nothing Really...

This has been one of those weeks where it's just...a week.  Not memorable, fraught or in any way exciting.  I can condense the past four days into a paragraph, which is kind of creepy in a way, if you think about it.  96 hours reduced to less time than it will take me to type the words.  (And the reason why I don't read those epic saga-type books where the main character ages from a child to an old crone in 500 pages or less.  No thanks.  Life is fleeting enough without reading about one that goes from start to finish in a matter of hours.  Ugh.) far:

Stubbed my broken toes twice (yes, shrieking ensued), walked the dogs eight times, let them out in the backyard 700 times, did laundry, read two books that totally absorbed my attention, cooked, cleaned, went grocery shopping, took some photographs for a project I'm working on, tried to sleep but insomnia has me in a tight grip right now, worked on and posted the second chapter in my book, watched the last two episodes of Sons of Anarchy that I recorded (the ending is still running through my head), cried over two news stories that I'm trying desperately to delete from my brain, watered all the plants, answered several emails and balanced my check book.

See?  Nothing really.  Just a week...


  1. You were amongst the living, neh? There are those who would mention that any day above ground is a good day. Although, I doubt any of those cats would be miners ;p.

    1. It's not that I've had a bad week--toe smashing being the exception--just a bland one. And considering the drama I've had lately, that's really a good thing... ;D