Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice !!

Today is the shortest day of the year.  Right now, in the throes of an unrelenting storm that has raged all weekend (and yes, that's a big ass smile I'm wearing), it's already heading toward the gloaming and it's not even noon yet.  I think in my last life I must have been a cave dweller--I so love dark and gloomy.  Though on the other hand, I was born in a place that has six months of winter darkness, which probably explains a lot.  Is it nature or nurture that makes the child? In my case, I'm going with nature.

After today we'll be slowly inching our way back to the light.  I've barely had time to revel in the rain, cooler weather and the coziness of staying indoors, surrounded by the soft, enveloping shadows.  Sigh.

Ah well, seasons ebb and flow, peeps, no matter what's going on around us, so I'm off now to enjoy the short day...but mostly the longest night.