Monday, December 5, 2011

Back to Work

I took the weekend off.  I didn't write, didn't do any chores, didn't do much except watch great old black and white movies on Saturday, and read a book on Sunday.  (Course, when I say I took the weekend off...that's sort of relative as I walked the dogs four times, did three loads of laundry, and did the grocery shopping).  Still.  In my mind, I had both days off.

The Classic Movie channel was having a marathon of William Powell movies on Saturday that I just couldn't resist.  I love those old B&W movies--the clothes, the attitudes, the simplicity of the times--and William Powell was just too cool and debonair; the epitome of the 30s and 40s to me. 


Friday afternoon, Matthew and Rusty came, and saved the day with the landscaping cleanup.  Seriously.  They worked non-stop and accomplished in 3+ hours what would have taken me well over a week to do on my own.  It helps that they have the proper industrial-sized equipment, are both in very good shape, and are really good, hardworking guys.  It's such a huge load off my mind (and body) to have this major winterizing task over and done with.  They also turned off the main water to the sprinkler system and insulated the main boxes--the ones in the ground--something I would not have known to do.  They're a bit too expensive for me to have them come once a week for regular maintenance, but maybe every two or three weeks might work.  When Spring comes, and I want the grounds to look good for selling the house, I will definitely have them come for another long afternoon of tidying and fine tuning.  For now, it's a joy to look outside and know I don't have to do any more work.


Here's a really cool thing.  This morning I went to Stewart Park--first time since last Friday--and guess what..??  Someone else has come along and added 4 bright red bows to Tiny Tim..!!  I love it.  Wish I'd thought to take my camera, but I will tomorrow.  The little tree is starting to look less miserable and more...cheerful.  I'm still going to wait until Friday--I want to see what happens next--then I'll add a few more ornaments.


A panel of editors, lexicographers and other folks at have picked what they are calling the Word of the Year for 2011. Here's the word they've chosen:


Pronounced "ter-JIV-er-sate", it means: "to repeatedly change one's attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc." 

I'm having a hard time using the word in a sentence.  Jay Schwartz,'s Head of Content says, "This word encompasses a sense of 'flip flopping' but it also implies a number of other complicating forces. Unlike 'flip flop', 'tergiversate' suggests a lack of intentionality - it's a change in state more out of necessity, as new events happen at great speed, whether in the economy, politics or attitudes."

Um.  Okay.  That didn't make it any clearer to me.  I'm still having a hard time using the word in a sentence. I just can't decide which way to go with it.  Maybe I'm tergiversating with how to define the word.


It's a beautiful, sunny Monday, though it was 27* when I took the dogs for their walk.  It's supposed to stay very cold in the nights/early mornings for the next week or so, with--again--no rain in sight.  What is this, the Sahara..??  I just can't wrap my head around a place that doesn't have rain.

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