Friday, December 2, 2011

Tiny Tim

The other day I took the dogs to Stewart Park, the "Central Park" of Roseburg, and actually, for such a small town, Stewart is pretty impressive.  There are many trails, the YMCA, an outdoor volley ball court, tennis courts (indoor and out), golf course, the Half Shell amphitheater for outdoor music all summer long, and a very long stretch of park that runs right along the Umpqua River.  Really, it's kind of amazing that this wee village of a place has such amenities.

Anyway, back to the story.  Earlier this week, the boys and I were doing our usual walk toward the Butterfly Garden--a beautiful place in the summer months.  While the dogs are running and cavorting through the piles of leaves like little kids, I notice that someone has planted a very spindly, sad and twisted little pine tree that wasn't there last week.  Somehow it's mysteriously appeared over the weekend.  And trust me, I do this walk often enough, there's no question but this tree is new.

The funny, and cool part though is whoever planted it, also put some Christmas ornaments on it.  At first I had to laugh at the unexpected sight.  Then, I realized the decorations made the poor crippled Tiny Tim tree look even more pathetic.  The boys and I walked past the tree a few more times over the course of this week, until this morning as I was loading them into the car, I had a thought.  Since I'm not doing a tree this year, I would put a few decorations on Tiny Tim instead..!!  I dug through the Xmas stuff and unearthed a few baubles.

It's a very dreary day today, and a bit hard to see the original ornaments as they are very small and there weren't many to begin with.  Click on the photos for a closer view.  And really, isn't this just the most decrepit and forlorn little tree ever..??

Here's the shot after I added my few ornaments.  I am sorely tempted to add more as Tiny Tim still looks so pitiful, but I'm going to wait a bit to see what happens.  Will anyone else add something--or worse, will someone steal the ornaments..??  (And, okay, I know that isn't a very charitable thought, especially at this time of year, but that doesn't negate reality.  After all, the world is full of those Scrooge people).

If nothing happens by next week, I will sneak on a few more balls. What the heck, huh..?? It's a tree, it's Christmas, and I can spare a few decorations for poor Tiny Tim.

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