Thursday, December 29, 2011

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After a comment made by Pearl on yesterday’s blog about my Leatherman, I was inspired to look deeper into the best tool on earth.  Interesting details emerged.  Tim Leatherman—mechanical engineering grad from OSU (that’s Oregon State University.  And seriously?  The guy’s from Oregon?) 

After trying to repair a bad car and leaky plumbing with a pocket knife as he and his wife traveled Europe & the Middle East in the 70s, he came back to the States and invented this terrifically useful tool.  The first Leatherman was born in 1983, and now Mr Leatherman has a massive manufacturing company in Portland, and produces 50 different products sold in 82 countries.  Wow.  Who knew, right?

All I really know is, I’ve had mine for years, and would be lost without it.   In fact, just this morning, as I was leaving with the dogs for their walk, one of my many silver bracelets fell off my wrist and with no effort at all, I whipped the Leatherman out of my purse, fixed the clasp, put the bracelet back on and voila--in about 4 minutes, tops.  The boys didn’t even have time to grouse.


I had a rude awakening day before yesterday, which led to a grueling new exercise program that started yesterday afternoon.  Ugh.  On both counts: awakening and exercise.

My bathroom has this very nice, large linen cupboard along one wall.  Unfortunately, it's one of those sliding door deals, but worse, it's mirrored.  What insane lunatic designer thought a woman would want to step out of the shower and see her totally naked body in a giant, full-length, double mirror??

I've gotten used to not really paying much attention anymore.  I mean, after the initial shock and horror wears off, no sense in revisiting the crime scene ("Move on people, there's nothing to see here").  But for some reason I happened to catch sight of myself the other day, and trust me, it was bad.  Real bad.  Bad enough that I decided I wasn't going to wait until January to start my get-back-on-track regimen, I had to start NOW.

Yoga is my torture of choice, although I decided to alternate between Pilates and Yoga to vary the routine, but holy crap.  I walk the dogs every single day, for at least two miles, often more.  I can't do anything in my house without climbing two flights of stairs.  How could I possibly be this out of shape?? 

By the halfway point I wanted to reach through the television and kill the Pilates instructor.  The size 0 instructor.  The one who kept saying, "If you can't keep up today," (big cheesy smile), "you can still pat yourself on the back for trying."  I can't reach my toes, let alone my back.  If anyone heard the grinding of tectonic plates, not to worry, it wasn't The Big One, it was just me moaning and groaning and gnashing my teeth through my first agonizing session.  The only thing that isn't sore today are my fingers. 

In an hour, I'm heading to the mat for my yoga torment.  Pray for me.


On a more pleasant note:  For Christmas, I bought myself some Fiesta ware dishes.  I'm going to change things in the new year, not just in myself, but in my world.  One of those changes is sorting through years of hanging onto stuff that I don't need, or want.  I decided to start easy, with the dishes.  The old ones were just that: old.  I wanted something bright, cheerful and sturdy.  I love Italian pottery, though happened to see this beautiful display of Fiesta ware and just knew it was the perfect thing.  I waited until the store had the best sale ever, and bought:

Six different colors--Scarlet, Sunflower, Marigold, Paprika, Lemongrass and Tangerine.  Even the names are cool.  In real life, these look so joyful, happy and bold, with sort of a Southwest feel to them.  They also remind me of some festivale...but that's a story for another day.

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