Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

The day started with one of my fillings falling out while I was brushing my teeth this morning.  The dogs were all fired up to hit the park, I'm brushing just before leaving, and puh, puh, what the hell is in my mouth? I spit out a filling.  Crap.  Call the dentist, they can see me today if I come right now.  Literally throw the dogs in the car, dash down the mountain, and screech into the parking lot in 15 minutes flat.  The fix was easy and I was in and out in well under half an hour, though to the boys, it was apparently the better part of their existence.  Whine, wail, what happened to the park..??  Sigh.  So, a long--very long--walk in the park to make up for that eternal half hour wait at the dentist, then back home to begin the wrestling match between me and the frigging yard.


I cleaned the leaves off the front deck, the stairs, the driveway, and the road in front of the house, filling 4 bags.  Then I cut the bushes next to the driveway so they lined up with the driveway as opposed to growing over it.  I hauled the leaf bags over the road and a bit down the ridge so I could throw them over the cliff into the underbrush--a thing we all do up here in the hopes that eventually we will eradicate the Triffids--otherwise known as Poison Oak--which is rampant and growing ever nearer to our houses.  If it weren't for the road, no doubt we would all be eaten alive by now.  Or at the very least, itched ourselves to death.

Two hours later.  I am sweating; I have stripped off the sweat shirt, the sweater, and if I was a guy, I would have dumped the tee as well.  It's hot today, in the low 60s, the sun is blazing, and my shirt is stuck to my back.  I still have the entire front yard to do, the pathway leading around the house to the back deck, all the raking in the landscaping (leaves, leaves, bugger damn leaves everywhere), then, when that is done, I get to start on the backyard.  I put all the tools away, sweep up what remains of the leaves in the driveway, and the dogs and I go inside for lunch. 

Oh look..!!  I have a phone message.  It's from Matthew, my landscaper extraordinaire.  He wants to know if I will be around tomorrow as he and Rusty (his sidekick) want to come by and do some yard work for me.  And discuss maybe getting on a regular schedule of maintenance.  OMG.  I've been saved..!!!  I call him back immediately, and as I'm waiting for him to answer his phone, I am wiping the sweat off my face, my neck, unsticking my tee shirt from my...front.  When he answers, I bemoan the fact he called while I was outside killing myself, he laughs and says timing is everything.  They are coming tomorrow afternoon to talk to me about what needs to be done.  I've been grinning ever since.


Mayan scholars have now determined the initial tablets predicting the apocalypse...were not read correctly..!!  Mwah hahahaha.  Seriously.  I can't stand it.  I've been appalled and totally skeptical since this drivel first began circulating several years ago.  Now it seems--with the proper interpretation and understanding--that December 21, 2012 just meant the Mayans consider this a transition date, beginning a new era (Age of Aquarius anyone..??), not, let me repeat that, not the end of the world.  Course, the fruitcakes and wackos will ignore this new information, which I find really, really strange.  I don't get why anyone would want to imagine the end of all things in the first place, but after the real facts have come to light, to still want to believe it..??  Yikes.


So.  A new filling in my tooth, possibly no more leaves for me to deal with after tomorrow, and the end of the world isn't happening, at least not yet.  All things considered..??  A good day...

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