Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top Ten Kisses...and Then a Few More

I watched this special on the telly last night called The Best Movie Kisses of All Time, voted on by the readers of TV Guide magazine.  I found it very interesting to see what movies/kisses had been chosen.  Some were more love stories to me, the kiss sort of secondary.  A few kisses were just bone-melting hot.  Several of my favorites weren't even listed, which I thought was too bad as I'm pretty sure I know a spectacular kiss when I see one.  Though, as with anything in life, everyone has their own idea of things. 

So.  Here are the Top Ten, and yes, I had to choose the headline photo of Scarlett and Rhett, the precise moment just before he gives her that killer kiss as Atlanta burns.  This would have been my choice for the win, but unbelievably, it came in at number four. 

Counting down:

10.  Twilight -- The scene in Bella's bedroom where they kiss for the first time, then Edward starts to lose control but flings himself away just in time, and crashes into the wall.  It actually was a pretty good kiss.

9. Bridget Jones's Diary -- The ending where Renee Zellweger runs out into the snowy night in her underwear, old lady sweater and really crappy tennis shoes to find Colin Firth. A good kiss, not my favorite, though I liked the movie. I'd much rather see Colin Firth, as Mr Darcy, walking out of that pond in Pride and Prejudice. (Whew, is it hot in here??)

8. Casablanca -- Bergman has just asked Bogart for a last kiss, knowing they will never see each other again.  I'm not sure I've ever seen the actual kiss because I'm usually weeping or blowing my nose at this point.

7.  Ghost -- The final scene, where Patrick Swayze is "going to the light" (as in heaven, if you haven't seen the movie), and Demi Moore can finally see him.  They touch lips, sort of.  To me it's more a true love moment rather than an awesome kiss, though I could be wrong, what with the crying and nose blowing.

6.  From Here to Eternity -- The infamous scene on the beach where Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster are going at it in the sand and get rolled by a wave...and don't even notice or care because they are so far gone in the kiss.  This had to be a pretty risque movie back in the Fifties.

5.  The Notebook -- Pouring rain, seven years have gone by, she yells at him about not writing to her (her mother stole all the letters).  He yells back that he wrote 365 letters--one every day for a year--walks toward her as he says it isn't over, then grabs her for the scorching kiss.  What is it about a torrid kiss in the rain?  This is a great kiss, though no happy ending.

4.  Gone with the Wind -- Already talked about this, and frankly my dear, their kiss was just too damn hot for words and I still can't believe it wasn't the top win.  Who were these people that voted anyway?  (Seriously.  Is the heat on in here?)

3.  Titanic -- There's no big mystery which scene.  Yeah, that one.  Front of the ship, arms out like a bird, then the kiss.  And here's a real confession:  I have never seen this movie.  I might be one of only two women on the planet who hasn't.  Just me and some old woman in Borneo.  I just couldn't get into it.  There was too much hype, especially of this scene.

2.  Spiderman -- And let me say right now: What??  It's the kiss where Tobey Maguire is upside down and Kirsten Dunst pulls his mask off his lips.  I just don't think the kiss merits the number two position. I mean really. The second best kiss of all time is Spiderman, hanging by a thread? 
Ready?  Okay, here comes the top movie kiss, voted Number One by a huge group of TV Guide readers--and I mean really huge, like thousands of voters.  Got a pick of your own?  Mine was GWTW, so when that came in fourth, I was out of ideas, though I wouldn't have picked Titanic or Spiderman over Scarlett and Rhett.

Anyway.  Top Movie Kiss of All Time...

1.  Pretty Woman.  Yep.  The end of the movie, when they've gone their separate ways, but Richard Gere realizes he loves Julia Roberts and goes to her crummy apartment.  He climbs her fire escape though he's terrified of heights, and they have The Kiss.  It's really good, not because the kiss is particularly swoon-worthy, but more because the movie is saying love can conquer anything, even if you're a hooker.  (And we know that reflects real life.  I'm just sayin').


Since watching the television show, I've been running through different movies in my mind, searching for the passionate, the mind-numbing, the make-me-weak-at-the-knees kisses that I think should have been on the list.  Here are my picks, in no order:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest.  Keira Knightley distracts Johnny Depp by kissing him so she can handcuff him to the Black Pearl, allowing the rest of the crew to escape the Kraken.  It's a bottom lip chewing kiss...and it's Johnny Depp.

Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End.  Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley finally come together in this, the third movie.  Sword fights, guns, explosions all around them, heat of battle, pouring down rain, and they have this dynamite kiss.

The Empire Strikes Back.  Han is just about to be frozen, Leia knows this could be her last chance to tell Han how she feels.  She gives him a great kiss, then as she's pulled away, she says, "I love you," and Han just simply, perfectly, says, "I know."  Sigh.  That still gets me.  Every time.

The Quiet Man.  This is a really old movie, but so good.  John Wayne has moved to Ireland to start over, meets his neighbor, Maureen O'Hara and they fall in love.  Her brother won't give her the dowry she is entitled to and she won't marry Wayne without it.  He could care less, he just wants her, but she won't give in.  As a wild storm rages around them, he grabs her, and...well, it's just an amazing moment, and an incredible kiss.

Honorable Mentions that are just as good, but we'll be here all day if I don't stop somewhere:

Say Anything
Blade Runner
Officer and a Gentleman
Sixteen Candles
Breakfast at Tiffany's


So, there you go.  Movies, kisses, drama, excitement, heart throbs and heart break.

As I don't have anyone to kiss these days, I'll have to be content by watching imaginary characters.  But for those of you out there with a real someone?  Don't hesitate, kiss with abandon, stand in a pouring rain and not care about anything but the person in your arms. 

Be the star in your own Best Movie Kiss of All Time...

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