Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love is Everywhere...Or Should Be

You know that feeling you get when you're not in a relationship, and no matter where you look, there are happy, loving couples everywhere?  There's the inevitable surly why them and not me reaction to being left out.

At first, today seemed to be that kind of day for me.

It started this morning when I sat down with my coffee and switched on the world outside my door, and saw this:

Photo by Dallas Nagata White

It's being called The Hottest Kiss Ever Photographed, and not just because of the actual Hawaiian lava flowing in the background.  The couple were taking photos, and at the last frame, he grabs her, does The Dip, and this is the photo.  How brilliantly spontaneous and romantic is her husband?

Next I read Robbie's blog, one of my Daily Fix deals, and he's posted this great story about his woman, their life, both in the past and now in their village in the Colorado mountains.  (No matter what you say, deny it all you want, you are romantic, Mr Grey).

I try not to feel sorry for myself.  I mean, come on, It's not like I haven't been in love, or been loved.  Just because I'm on my own right now, doesn't mean I have to feel bad.  Why then do I feel bad?

The day goes by.  After I take the boys for a long, aimless wander around the park, I come home and get ready for my dentist appointment to fix the werewolf fang.  It turns out to be a bust, proving that, in fact, the third time is not the charm.  I have to go again next week.  Buggers.

Back home, house sweltering--the past four days of great cool days are over--I make an iced tea and sit down at the laptop.  And read this amazing story :

This Navy guy, who has been posted overseas, leaves a letter telling his wife to look for the black box he's stashed at their house.  She finds it, and inside are 241 love notes that he's written to her, one for each day he'll be gone.  OMG.  The time and effort he put into this, the love he has for his wife.  Some of the notes are just...breathtaking.  How truly romantic is this?

I don't know why love, and more specifically romance, seems to be the theme o' the day, but I'm glad, thankful even.  No, seriously, I mean it.  We need more love and romance in our world--buckets and gallons and rivers more.  Today I got three droplets of both, and it's such a glorious thing.


  1. Knowing him in person, I can vouch Mr. Grey is a hopeless romantic. And it takes two to play that game and yet they'd both deny it. *smirk*

    1. HAhahaha. I knew it! Whenever he writes something romantic, I always comment, and he's always quick to deny it. Too funny.

  2. wonderful post. I want love and romance starting today, and I will
    forward this desire now.

    1. Thanks.

      Ah, would that it were as simple as a thought. The world would be a better place...