Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magpie Tales 128...On the Wall

Image by Zelko Nedic

One night.   She had a dream about handwriting on a wall.  Words impossible to read.  

Frustrated, she pondered the meaning of such a thing.

Two days later.  She saw an image: dark, deep, perhaps grim.  But this time she could read the words on the wall:

Maybe she will

Frustrated, she pondered the meaning of such a thing.

I find this so strange.  I did have a dream--just Friday.  Then today, of all  things, Magpie Tales 128 had this image as the prompt.  I saw the dog, the man, plant and boot.  And then I saw the writing on the wall.


  1. smiles...and 'maybe she will; get it in time...or maybe it is all a cruel joke...smiles...

  2. are you serious about the dream too...that gave me chills...

  3. Yes, I had the dream, which led to insomnia, and a posting about both. And then this morning, I see words written on the wall in Mag128...

    (FYI: The post is called "3:00 a.m.")

  4. oh...spooky when things like that happen....will you?...x

  5. Tis spooky. Wonder what it means...

    Anna :o]

    1. I don't know, but it's weird, isn't it?