Saturday, July 28, 2012

Possibly X-Rated...

This morning I was out front with my camera looking for the little lizard I chat with occasionally.  I wanted to see if he'd hold still long enough for a photo shoot.  As I passed the stairs, I caught sight of this planter of Hens & Chicks, left by the previous owners of my house.

I haven't paid much attention to this plant.  It's at the corner of the landing at the bottom of the front steps, and I rarely go outside that way.  I don't know if this blatant--dare I say rampant--display is normal.  I've never quite seen anything like it.  It would constitute indecent exposure in most states south of the Mason/Dixon, and at the very least, the flagrant disregard for what is acceptable in polite society is staggering.


It could just be me.  Apparently the French Nun thing isn't working this time around, and it's obvious I'm totally failing.  Big time.  Really big.  Epic even...

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