Monday, July 30, 2012

Capturing a Monday...

I'm still looking to photograph my elusive little alligator lizard.  I can usually spot him soaking up the sun on a rock near where he lives, though it might be too hot for that right now.  If he's smart, like I wish I were, he's probably deep in his burrow where it's nice and cool.  I took my camera out on the front deck to see if he might poke his head out of the rockery.

The view from the front, so nice and shady in the early part of the day...

Focus the camera on his home--and hope I'll be able to see him in one of the nooks and crannies.

But no.  The sun has come out in full force, and in a matter of moments it's roasting.  I look out over the other valley, the one in front of my house that I don't often take photos of, with a glimpse of the little town down below--seen through the gnarly skeleton of a White Oak tree.  And a woodpecker preening along the top branch...


I went down the steps to the yard, still hoping to see the wee lizard, but as I walked along the path, I got sidetracked by the large pine tree at the corner of the property.  It was covered in bright yellow...pine flowers?  It looks like Nature is decorating for a party...

Back inside to download the photos, but sidetracked again as I walked past what I call the Wildlife window.  The papa quail was sitting on the fence in the backyard, obviously on guard duty, so I stopped, waiting to see what he was doing.  Sure enough, the female and the tiniest little babies came darting out of the brush below his perch.  Before I could get a shot though, she went into that shadowed area in the middle of the picture.  I waited for the longest time, but she didn't reappear.

Here are some shots of the Wildlife window.  I have an unobstructed view of the back, the ridge as it drops off, and the valley.  Just after taking the last shot, a Turkey Vulture glided right across the yard and out over the trees.  They fly like wraiths: silent, startling, and so large. 

Sort of a panorama.  Reality is ever so much better, clearer, with real depth.  Still, you can maybe understand why I call it the Wildlife window.  On a good day, there are hawks, vultures, and any number of other birds in the skies, or on the ground.

So, no luck with the lizard, or the baby quail, though after watering the back garden, I did pluck some alien pods that defy all scientific logic of normal growth.  Please people, send me your addresses, I will ship these Overnight Express!!  I'll hand deliver them!!  They are taking over my yard, my kitchen.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg...there are dozens more out there, growing bigger by the hour...

They might eat my little dog!!!

Seriously.  Ozzy weighs about ten pounds, give or take an ounce.  Look at the size of the zucchini compared to him.  Oh, and my idea of giving the dogs plenty of vegetables (okay, zucchini), has failed.  After one good sniff, Ozzy walked away in disgust.

I'm doomed.


  1. I wanted to look at my bird book to see what kind of woodpecker that is, but it's hopelessly misplaced somewhere.

    1. I looked in my field guide--which covers Oregon and Washington and has never failed me--before posting the photos but I couldn't match my woodpecker to any in the book (or on the internet).

      If you ever find your book, let me know what you find... :}