Monday, July 23, 2012

Beauty and Bounty

I've taken the day off.  No work, no dolce far niente.**  

After walking the dogs this morning, I came home, dinked a bit on the computer, answered some emails, commented on a few blogs, checked in with my mother, made a smoothie, and went outside to see how my contrary garden grows.

Above is a photo of my beautiful Dahlia.  I'm not usually a pink girl, but I just love this.  The color is so cheerful, especially with those bright yellow centers.

A closer view...


Once upon a time--during my Georgia O'Keeffe period--I shot many a roll of film, just on flowers, with my trusty Nikon.  Several of them I was able to sell, plus I framed a few to give as gifts, keeping just two for myself, which I have hanging right now--one in the hall and one in the den.  There's something so exquisite about a flower.  I find them erotic and sensual and intensely female.

Occasionally, however, there comes a flower that is inherently male, no question.  This is one of a red poppy, the one that hangs in the den.  There is absolutely nothing feminine about this stud at all.  He's bold and flashy, though slighty scary, and very macho.]

So, after the Dahlia photos, I went up the slope to check on my zucchini.  And honestly, I really think these plants should be studied by science.  It's not natural for a plant to grow this fast.  Just a few days ago I had several fingerlings, today I have at least two child-sized baseball bats.

I cut the two largest from the vine before they got even bigger and took over the world.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with them.  Maybe a frittata, a quiche, or just plain ol' fried slices?  Cripes.  I'm only one woman.  How much zucchini can one woman eat?  Guess I'm about to find out...

**the sweetness in doing nothing.


  1. I have a good recipe for stuffed zucchini that I converted to an internet friendly format. I just need to find it, then I'll get it to you.

    1. Thank you! I downloaded a few from the Food Network site, but I think they imagine everyone feeds an army at each meal.

      Do you need my email to send it?

  2. That's one of my favorite phrases...

    1. Mine, too. As is the doing of it... ;D