Saturday, July 14, 2012

Channeling John Fogerty...

Don't go around tonight
Well, it's bound to take your life
There's a bad moon on the rise...

I couldn't type yesterday, what with all the throbbing and swelling from my sliced-up finger.  In fact, my whole hand was sore.  I even had a minute to two in there where I thought I might just have to suck it in and go to the Urgent Care place.  Thankfully, by afternoon and with more doctoring, I felt better, though there was no chance of fingers flying over the keyboard.

I had to wait until almost dark to water the garden--way too hot otherwise--and managed to pick four zucchini; and my cukes are blooming with flowers.  The tomatoes have been disappointing.  I guess I should have stuck to a regular variety, rather than the San Marcos.  There are a few little buds, but for the most part, they're duds.  So much for my tomato-sauce-for-Winter idea.

So, last night, watching a movie, I drank a few Dos Equis.  I had no choice.  Clutching those ice cold bottles were necessary to reduce the finger swelling.  Really.

This morning, when I opened the blinds on the window that overlooks the back garden, I was startled to see a geyser of water shooting up from the bank.  There's a hole in the tube/hose of the drip irrigation system, and buggers, I can't get all cranky about it really, because if there's a hole, I had to be the one who put it there, probably when I was weeding the bank the other day with my two-pronged, weed stabber tool thingy.   Well, damnation.

The boys and I got a late start for the walk this morning, and didn't get back to the house until almost Noon.  Which means very hot to be fiddling around outside on the slope to fix the irrigation problem.  Still, it has to be done.  

I had to dig up about six feet of the hose in order to raise it above the ground, find the hole--there were two, both prongs apparently--then wrap several lengths of duct tape around the hose.  All went well until I was finished and the blasted hose wouldn't lay back down.  I had the Loch Ness monster hump of black tubing that just totally refused to go back into the channel from whence it came.  Have I mentioned that it was incredibly hot?  I ended up bending (hammering) some metal tent stakes into U-shapes, and pinning the hose down.  I could have gone to Lowe's or Home Base, I suppose, but I really didn't want to go back down the mountain.  Tomorrow when the water comes on I will be very happy if everything stays pinned to the ground, and doesn't shoot water three feet into the air.

I made a big batch of Sun Tea, and as long as I was outside and already sweating, I decided to take a few pictures--and no, not of the irrigation hose.

First bloom on my Canna Lily:

Last year I had planted some bright red Snapdragons where the four rose-colored ones are in this photo.  In the Fall, I randomly scattered the seeds when I cleaned up the garden for the season, hoping I would get some flowers this year.  Look at those orange and yellow blooms, they're tall, and beautiful, and have grown all by themselves.  Strangely though?  They aren't red like the original plants.  Nature is so mysterious...

Between the backyard fence and the deer fence that runs the entire length of the ridge--sort of a DMZ that does no good whatsoever--there is an old, weathered bird house.  This year, I think there might be a bird in the penthouse section, but I can't figure out what all that straw is that's hanging out on the bottom level.  It makes the bird house really look like a barn, though, doesn't it? 

Finished with the backyard chores, and the photos, I come inside and realize I forgot about the zucchini; my plan being to make bread before the heat turns them to mush.  And because turning on the oven to 350* to bake is just what you do on a sweltering hot afternoon in the Summer, right?

Okay, it wasn't too bad really.  And now I have this to look forward to, toasted for breakfast...or maybe for a snack about two minutes from now...

And what does any of this have to do with Creedence or John Fogerty?  Nothing.  I heard the song this morning--one of my favorites by the way--and can't get it out of my head.  Just thought I would pass it on...

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