Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100 Words...and then 100 More**

August Moon
From my front porch, Southern Oregon 2012

He kissed her awake. “Come outside with me,” he murmured.

“What?” A glance at the clock. “It’s the middle of the night.”

“Humor me,” he laughed, pulling her out of bed.

Confused, she took in the scene on the back deck: a large air mattress, covered with an unzipped sleeping bag, two pillows. “What’s going on?”

Smiling, he took her hand, drawing her down with him to the makeshift bed.

When they were settled, her head resting against his shoulder, he said quietly, “Look up.”

She gasped, dazzled by the sight of shooting stars streaking across the night sky.


The Wading Pool

July 17, 2012

“Could you bring the hose?” she asked, dragging the plastic wading pool onto the back patio.

“Sure,” he answered, “but what are we doing exactly?”

“I thought the dogs might like to cool off in this heat.”

When the pool was filled, she called to the dogs, napping under a tree across the yard. One briefly looked over, the other rolled to his back, legs in the air, tongue lolling.

She cajoled, begged, then stepped into the water and called them again.

“Not too interested,” he murmured.

“Come in here with me.” He stepped in, the water cold, wonderful, on his bare feet. “Now you call them,” she said.

After every attempt failed, she stomped her feet in frustration, water splashing up his shorts, streaking across his tee shirt. He looked down, then over at her. Grinning, he splashed her back. With a scowl, she bent down, cupped both hands and flung the water at him. He returned fire. Within moments, they were both soaking wet, their laughter sparkling as bright as the water dripping down their faces.

Across the yard, the dogs curiously watched the show, then went back to dozing in the lazy heat of a Summer’s day.

**As hard as I tried, this story just wouldn't be pared down into 100 Words.  So I wrote 100 more and am going to count this as 100 Words x 2.  And, yeah, I can do that...it's my blog.

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