Friday, August 24, 2012

A Wee Friend...and Friday

Last night when I went outside to water the back garden, I found a companion to chat with as I worked. This is a different little lizard than the guy in the front rockery that I've been trying to get a photo of all Summer. She (and I will explain why I think she in a minute) watched every move, head turning to follow me as she soaked up the sun on the stone step. I was even able to go back inside, grab my camera, and take some shots without bothering her at all.

I really don't mind these little creatures, and particularly like their company when it's just one at a time. The other day, with that big Dragon Dad followed by the whole family...well, after the snakes, it was just a bit much. One-on-one, I do fine.

And here's why I think the wee lizard is a girl:  Check out those nails!  The photo is slightly out of focus, though what I'm trying to convey here are the toenails, not her body. (They look like those women who never cut their nails...which I find totally gross, but whatever).
And just to clarify that I actually don't have Komodo Dragons in my back garden:  This is how big she really is...(and how brilliant is the telephoto lens on my camera...??)
Forgot to mention how great my Stuffed Zucchini Boats were the other night.  Honestly delicious and so easy to make, I'm going to have more this weekend--well, I kinda have to since the zukes just keep on growing.  Still, this was the best recipe.  I used Italian sausage instead of Chorizo, panko instead of traditional bread crumbs, and my zucchini was about 9" long.  Oh, and I cooked it about fifteen minutes longer than the recipe called for.  Don't know why my zucchini took more time, but in the end it was perfect with those extra minutes.
Zuke and my Asian salad.  Very (very) good, easy and quick dinner...
So, it's Friday...and there's lots of things to drink to:  I have a new book to read, the Gates of Hell seem to be closing a bit, so it's warm but not bone-meltingly humid--the air actually feels fresh and cool this morning for a change--and I got new glasses yesterday that I totally love.  And no doubt I'll love them even more once my eyes adjust to the changes in my prescription. 
And holy crap people, has the world always been this sharp and clear??


  1. Ha....I think your lizard friend is totally a girl too. Lovely. And, yeah, clear vision - what a concept, eh? Get ready to see it all...

    1. Well, after I get the "blurry if too close" kinks worked out with the new specs...I'll ready to see it all.