Monday, August 27, 2012

Escape Mode, the Money Pit, and How 'Bout Those Mayans...

I spent the weekend escaping: Saturday in NY, Sunday in Chicago...metaphorically speaking, of course.  In the real world I walked the dogs, did chores, cooked food, but in my other world?  I read my book; well, two books actually--hence the NY/Chicago trips.  I unplugged from the internet, gave my overworked, beleaguered brain a little holiday, and just checked out.  It was great.  Really great.  One advantage to living by yourself: you get to do stuff like that and nobody gives you grief about it.  

The Saturday book was so good, in fact, that I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to finish it, then before I switched off the light, I downloaded the second book to my Kindle, ready to forge ahead with the series the minute I was ready, later in the day. 

I fell asleep thinking about the pros and cons of such instant gratification.  I'm definitely in the pro camp...


Today's been busy with dog appointments at the vet, scheduling my own appointment with the optometrist--because the new glasses aren't exactly working right, then a long convoluted trip to Lowe's and Home Depot to deal with some ongoing issues with the Money Pit, one being a leak in the drip irrigation system that I have already tried to fix twice this Summer. 

Duct tape has failed me.  

Yesterday, while talking with Jan (BFF) on our usual Sunday phone call, she told me about this new tape that she used on a submerged water pump that is still holding after months underwater.  Mighty Mend-It Tape.  (You gotta love that name, if nothing else).  Since I had to go to Lowe's today to special order some fixtures for that ridiculous goddamn California bathtub I have (and yes, ka-frigging-ching on that order), I thought I would look for the tape.  Lowe's didn't carry it, but just like Jan said, Home Depot did. 

So, I had planned to fix the leak this afternoon, but it has turned into yet another humid and scorchingly miserable day.  And holy crap.  When is this going to stop?  I am beyond tired of being hot and sweaty, and having to curtail my outside chores due to the very real possibility of spontaneous human combustion or heat stroke.  Buggers.

Ah well.  Saturday is September 1st, and a few weeks later--Autumnal Equinox on Sept 22nd--is the first day of Fall.  So maybe, at last, glory hallelujah and God save the Queen, the end might be coming.  

And no, I don't mean that stupid Mayan it-makes-no-sense-that-the-world's-going-to-end-but-stupid-people-are-going-to-freak-out-anyway crap.  I just mean the end of this blasted heat.

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