Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Show and Tell...

I'm sitting here at the computer, sweltering in the heat and humidity.  See?  This always happens.  Just yesterday I said it was cooling off, but today the gods laugh, and prove me wrong.

Ah well.  I've been playing with my new toy, and drinking a very delicious Italian orange soda.  When in Italy, I got hooked on the SanPellegrino water, and these sodas.  Imagine how amazed I was last year, whilst wandering the aisles at my "out-in-the-flaming-middle-of-nowhere" Costco, when I stumbled across a mountainous display of my favorite soda.

Another reason I like these--besides the incredible flavor, and the lack of sugary by-products--is they have a paper cover over the top.  You peel it off, and the top is clean and unsullied, not like a can of pop you would buy here, in the States, where you don't know who or what has touched the top.  You gotta love those Italians, huh?

So, about the new toy.  Earlier today I was at Staples, loading up on paper supplies because of their most excellent back-to-school sales.  I got 6 notebooks for a dollar, and two packs of index cards for 50 cents, and pens and binder clips, and.......well, let's just say I'm all stocked up for the year. 

I also found a speech recognition software program that was nearly 70% off and snatched it right off the shelf.  There might have been a squeal or two involved, I'm not sure in all the excitement.  I've wanted to try out this Dragon thing for the longest time but it's been fairly cost-prohibitive.  Until today.

After I got it loaded, and listened/watched the tutorial, I went into my writing program and TALKED as the words flew across the screen!  It was the coolest thing ever.  The more you use it, the more it adapts to your way of speaking, which in turn makes it type faster, and the more you can accomplish.

I can't wait to experiment, and might even see if it works here on the blog, though my main purpose in wanting a Dragon was for my serious work.  Some days, after writing for hours, I can hardly see straight, my neck is torqued, my fingers don't work, I have usually forgotten my's not pretty.  It will be fun to see if this will hinder or help.  For the price, I can now find out.

So. After playing with the Dragon, I took the boys out back to sniff around and noticed I have several lemon cukes ready to pluck.  I found a truly great stuffed zucchini recipe the other day that I'm making for dinner tonight, and will have a salad with one of my cucumbers.

They look so cheerful and festive in my Clarice Cliff bowl, don't they?  Though to be honest, it's not actually a Cliff, but it is from the same time period and pottery place.  I love my bowl.  Look at the colors, and the golden wings on each side.  I found this lovely treasure in a tiny little charity shop in Edinburgh several years ago.  I have a real thing for this kind of Art Deco-ish, 1930s style, and nobody did it quite as wonderfully as Clarice.

Okay, that's all for my Show and Tell.  And might I say, that was way more fun as a grown-up than when I was in 5th grade...

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