Friday, August 31, 2012

Long Weekend Ahead...

I love a three-day weekend.  Sitting here on Friday morning, doesn't Tuesday seem far, far away in the future?  Course, it always comes too fast, suddenly it's over and we shake our heads and think, "Where did the weekend go?"  Still.  Right now?  I've got days of relaxing and chillin' ahead of me.

Well.  After I go to Lowe's and pick up my new California monstrosity bathtub mechanism that has just arrived, then try for the, fifth...time to fix that damn leaking irrigation hose**, and stop at the Co-op to buy some repellent to keep the cats out of the yard because they ate the entire baby quail population--and it was a massacre people, just a grim, horrible massacre that I still can't talk about.

[**The blasted miracle mend everything tape didn't work.  When the water came on yesterday morning, it blew out the tape and I had a geyser spewing like a mini Old Faithful.  Later in the day, I removed the tape, dried the hose, retaped...and this morning watched the geyser blow out the tape again.  Shit!  I'm thinking of going back to the duct tape, then spraying the hose with some sort of rubber coating to seal the tape around the hose.  Will investigate that option when I go to Lowe's this afternoon.]

So, my three-day weekend will start sometime much later today, but that's okay.  I would rather have all the chores out of the way so I can truly lounge about and do whatever I want ("il dolce far niente") without a guilt trip hindering my time off.

Hey!  And I think I've got the plot for my next story.  The glimmer of an idea came to me yesterday morning whilst walking the boys.  I spent some time in the afternoon doing some research; now I'm letting things percolate in my mind for a bit, but I just might be on to something.  After my disappointment with the Poison Pen idea of last month, I'm cautiously optimistic at this point. 

And no.  There will be no details forthcoming for awhile, and probably not until NaNo in November...or maybe even after that, who knows.  For now I'm being discreet and circumspect in order not to jinx things.

I got a comment on my previous blog post (below this one) from Best Part of My Day, wishing me a nice weekend before the boys head back to school.  It made me smile that she got a little confused--no doubt my fault--about the boys vs the dogs.  I thought I would clarify that they are both.

My boys, my dogs: Ozzy and Max, in order of appearance...

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!  See you in September!


  1. Crap....confused? You're being kind. My apologies, friend! Pets are like kids though for sure. I've totally got that 'whole long weekend ahead' feeling... Loving it. Enjoy your feeling....

    1. It was funny, and truly they're like having kids, so other than that school bit, you were right! Have a great three-day!