Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lost...Barely Found

Last night it was so hot, I didn't go out to water the back garden until after 10:00.  There was still so much residual heat, the tiny breeze conjured up deserts and Bedouins and dust.  After I got back inside, I noticed that my palm plant looked a bit worse for wear even though I had watered it just a few days ago.  Watering done, I sat down to read and couldn't find my glasses.

I need them to read, but when watching television or doing other things, I prop them on my head.  I could actually feel the weight of them, but they weren't there.  I moved all the couch cushions, looked underneath, went to the table thinking I'd taken them off by the laptop, went through the kitchen.  Dammit!  I haven't been anywhere, they must be right here.  Then I have the idea that they've fallen off my head while I was outside watering.  Flashlight, big search, no glasses.

This goes on for half an hour.  Seriously.  Unless there are gremlins, tiny black holes, or poltergeists, those frigging glasses have to be in the house.

I don't find them.  I can't read my book.  It's 78* at nearly 11:00pm and I'm hot and cranky.  I really need to move to Alaska where I can get cozy under the covers, and sleep.

This morning I'm up before dawn for two reasons: the continuing search for the glasses, and the temp today is to reach 103* so I've got to walk the dogs very early.  The gates of Hell are opening at my feet.  I take the boys out back and scour the hillside, but no luck.  While they're eating breakfast, I repeat the drill of under the couch, move the cushions, yada, yada.  I can't understand this.

Then I focus on the palm.  Maybe I've accidentally dropped my specs into the plant!  I lift the pot out of the container, search all around on the floor.  Nothing.

Dejected, I open the blind...and catch the glint of something from the corner of my eye, but when I turn, I don't see anything.   Clearly, I'm losing the plot.

The palm...

As I brush past the palm to open the next blind, I glance down into the heart of the plant.  See anything?  Neither did first.

I bend closer, not sure what I'm seeing exactly. ..and there they are.  Hanging off one of the frigging palm fronds.   Even in this photo, the glasses are practically invisible.  Click the photo and you might see them.  It's no wonder I couldn't find the damn things last night--I barely found them in broad daylight. 

Because I have to lift the plant out of the container and take it to the kitchen sink to water it thoroughly, I guess my glasses--on top of my head--either got tangled in the fronds, or somehow fell off into the plant.  Go figure.

I'm just happy to have them, and to know I'm not going nuts.

Now, if I could just find a way to close those gates to Hell, it would be a good day...

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