Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tea Break

Happy St. Andrews Day

Today, November 30th, is Scotland's official National Day.  To all my friends and family in Edinburgh:  Wish I were there to celebrate with you.  This evening I will lift a glass of Dalwhinnie in honor of the day.


I'm not doing Christmas this year.  I just can't get into it this time around.  It seems silly to go to all the effort of doing the tree and decoration thing when it's just me and the boys...and they don't get a vote.  So, on Black Friday, when Mom and I were out, I saw these beautiful Poinsettias and decided that was all I needed.  I bought two, and that was the easiest Christmas decorating job I've ever experienced..!!

This one is variegated, and just really pretty with all the different shades of red, green, white; very much like Christmas colors.

I loved the berries inside one of the leaf clusters, and look at those colors close up...really cool.

The second plant is the typical deep red Poinsettia we all know and expect at this time of year.  I would love a dress this color.

So, there's my big contribution to Christmas.  And I'm just fine with it.


After my herculean effort on Monday to finish NaNo, I took Tuesday off to replace the fried brain cells, did some running around, walked the boys, read a book, cleaned out the Thanksgiving fridge...and there's my seque into how I wasted the better part of  my afternoon.  Crap.

I subscribe to this most excellent periodical: The Food Network Magazine, based on the television channel which I love and watch often.  This is truly the best food magazine out my humble opinion.  So, I see in last month's issue this very interesting recipe for making candy out of leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.  What??  Okay, I'm intrigued.

This candy is a Back East treat, specifically from Maine.  They look really yummy in the photo, and the recipe doesn't seem difficult or time-consuming.   These damned, frigging, candies are called Needhams.  I spent more time dinking with these buggers than if I had flown to Maine and bought them at a store.  To me--after all the aggro of making them--they were so sweet I could practically feel my fillings melting.  They taste like a Mounds bar, only much, much sweeter. 

As a matter of fact..??  Give me a Pacific Northwest Nanaimo Bar any day over these candies.


Tea's gone, along with the afternoon.  Time to hoist that Dalwhinnie.  Happy St Andrews Day, Scotland...

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