Thursday, March 22, 2012

Separation Anxiety

I decided to separate my fictional writing from my everyday real life postings.  It occured to me this morning, whilst walking the boys along the turbulent and flooding river, that there are probably readers--in particular, family and friends across the Pond--who might not care about my made-up stories; they would rather hear about what I'm doing, what's going on up the mountain, how the boys are regular day-to-day, in other words.

So, I have taken the work-in-progress story out of the main blog and given Will and Eva a place of their own; also my 100 Words are grouped together.  (Notice the great looking new Page Bar underneath the seagull photograph).  This way, if anyone doesn't want to waste their time with fictional stuff, just don't click on those pages.

Pretty cool, though it took most of the afternoon to do it.  Getting all the different stories transferred to their new pages was a nightmare--thank you very much Blogger--and there was definitely some very real anxiety when I thought I'd deleted everything, but eventually it got straightened out, and I actually like having the separation of church and and fiction.

Tomorrow I'm going to post some photos I took of the river today.  Amazing what two solid, non-stop days of rain can do...

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