Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speaking of Wandering...

Today is the first Open House--and maybe the last.  I really didn't want to do this, but my very persuasive realtor talked me into it.  The boys and I have to leave our comfy Sunday afternoon routine and spend three hours wandering aimlessly around town.  Crap. 

In Scotland you wouldn't dream of leaving; after all, who knows the house better than the owner?  My realtor says it's better if I leave, then I don't have to hear all the mean things people will say.  I told her they couldn't say anything I haven't already said myself.  She's still making me go.

The advert for the OH was in the paper yesterday; there was a steady stream of cars throughout the day doing drive-bys, staring, even parking in my driveway of all things.  I'll be curious to hear how many of them actually come back today.

I have a few things planned to waste some time.  One will be taking the dogs for a long walk, then I can make a trip to the dump to get rid of some stuff in the garage, followed by hitting the recycling place to take care of glass and cans.  Woo hoo.

So.  That will take care of the first hour...only two to go.

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