Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cursing and Cookies

This little cartoon doesn't begin to show my actual degree of frustration, or the sound of the loud and creative cursing that scorched the air around my workspace as this afternoon progressed--and at least something has progressed today, besides my highly evolved and inventive gangsta mouth.

After many trials, and more tribulations than I can believe for just wanting the simple task of clicking on a page to read related posts, I have now--4 HOURS LATER--just figured out how to get the three chapters of the Imaginary Tale on the right sidebar.  However, the whole thing had to be reposted in the main body of the blog; too annoying for words.  Why did these stories have to be posted again, you ask?  Because the other day when I was fiddling around, experimenting with changing the blog, I was stupid (oh, so, so stupid), and deleted the originals from the archives.  Yeah, yeah, I know...just move on with your snorts and WTFs.  You couldn't possibly say anything that I haven't already said to graphic detail.

And after all the aggro, I'm not sure what I've accomplished.  Well, I do like the story in a place all its own, though future installments will still have to be posted first in the main blog so I can get the direct link address before I can add it to the Imaginary Tale page.   I know there must be a better way, and I've seen some blogs that are so perfectly what I want...I just can't figure out how to do it. 

This blasted process has taken so long to figure out, I just threw my 100 Words into their corner of the room, and grouped the stories by month.  Frankly, Scarlett... Oh, and did I forget to mention?  When I put all the posts together?  Yeah, you know where I'm going with this, right?  Uh huh...I deleted the originals.  If there's anything I've learned today people: don't ever, ever, do that.

I'm going now.  I need to eat some cookies, many, many cookies.  Maybe someday I will figure out how to do what I want here...or Blogger will add a handy, spiffy, simple gadget that will make sense.  I live in hope...

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