Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today I've had to stay home because of an Open House for all the local realtors.  Once a month they get a compilation of new listings, then spend an entire day roaming the highways and byways of the county looking over the homes for sale.  I had my first viewers before 9:00, barely dressed, hair dripping wet from the shower, and for the next 5 hours, it has pretty much been non-stop people in and out the front door.  Who knew there were so many realtors in all of Oregon, let alone this little burg.

---Hang on.  People at the door---

The boys aren't too happy, though have made sure everyone entering the house noticed them--hard to ignore two barking loons.  They keep giving me that reproachful dog look, wondering why I haven't taken them to the park.  Hasn't endeared me to them either that the weather is beautiful, high 60s, infinite blue skies. I did attempt to walk them down the road at one point when I thought there was a break in the action, but we'd barely left the drive before cars began arriving again.

---More people---

It's been interesting doing the meet and greet thing.  I'm used to doing this in Scotland, but not here, this is usually what my realtor would do.  I really prefer doing it myself; I'm a good schmoozer.  Most of the realtors have been nice, polite, very professional, though a few have been semi-jerks, and one guy was a total ass.  I know, unbelievable, considering I actually hold the purse strings here.  Good thing I kept the goal in sight (sellthehousesellthehousesellthehouse).  I have a really short fuse with a certain type of man...oh, wait, too sexist?  Okay.  I have zero tolerance for any person who acts like a total ass, especially in my own home.

---Oh for crying in the night---

That time it was a realtor with a potential buyer.  No problem with that, except she's terrified of dogs--the buyer not the realtor.  I told the woman they were just small dogs, but one look at her face and I knew I had to keep the boys away from her; you would have thought my wee dogs were two Hellhounds, fangs dripping, waiting to leap for her throat.

I think I'm going to make a break for it.  There honestly can't be a realtor left in the area who hasn't been to my house today, and with the weather so good, I'm going to chance it, take the dogs for a long walk, get some fresh air and sunshine myself and maybe



  1. LOL! I loved the timeline of this--here's to hoping that losing a day will gain you a buyer! (don't worry, the boys have short memories, and minds that can be controled by bacon....wait, that's most men, eh?)

    1. The weather ended up hitting 72 degrees--amazing for early March--and I was so sorry to be cooped up all day. Still, the sunshine brought out a hoard of people, and two appts scheduled for tomorrow...worth the captivity after all.

      I had bribed the boys with so many treats throughout the day, neither of them could eat their dinner, let alone bacon!! Totally laughing now...