Monday, April 9, 2012


Take a few minutes today and watch this most amazing and beautiful video.  I snagged it from one of my Daily Fix blogs (thanks Lynn), to share with you, dear readers.  If you're curious about the back story in making this film, she has details at her site.

I have the YouTube feed--below--but do yourself a favor and click here instead to see this in full screen mode direct from Cartier.  Yes, that Cartier.  It's actually an advert, though unlike anything I've seen before in terms of quality, CGI and just plain breathtaking visuals.  Over 14 million (yep, million) folks have already watched in the month since it's been released, so maybe some of you have already seen this.  Still.  Well worth a look, whether for the first or fifth time.

Truly stunning.  One thing, of many, that I loved and found extremely cool was when the dragon winds away into the distance, and forms the---well, I won't spoil it. 

Enjoy the show.  You'll have a wonderful three minutes to escape whatever else is happening around you on this Monday afternoon...


  1. How...French ;)...

    I'm torn between the kitty and the elephant, although the dragon was neat too.

    1. Yeah, the cat and elephant were great, though that I just really liked the whole elegant visual. For an advert, it was pretty good.