Thursday, April 12, 2012


After last week's Great American Printer Toss of 2012, I jumped out of bed, eager to start the day.  I've been waiting for the new sales at Costco--beginning today--because they had a really cool printer at a super price and I'm obviously in the market.

The weather was really nice this morning, warm and sunny, so the boys and I had a great walk along the river, then it was off to Costco, fingers crossed the printer was as good in person as it looked on paper.  Hooray, it was!!  And I couldn't believe at what a bargain.

Though I wanted to dash home immediately and set it up, I had to first stop at Home Depot for some little pots of white paint to test the color on the gouged bathroom wall, plus I had an idea for fixing the sagging pole and/or replacing it with something that might work better.  The possible solution came to me out of a cloud of Lambrusco last night--and thank you, clever Italian wine makers, for befuddling my brain and allowing the surviving little gray cells to get creative.

I got a bit sidetracked at HD because they had the most glorious supply of new plants and I just couldn't resist getting a few.  Okay, more than a few, but whatever.  Once I finish the bathroom--hopefully this year--I can do some planting and digging, connecting with the earth, calming my soul, reveling in beauty and blossom.

Here's a photo of one, called Silene.  I'm not familiar with this plant, but it captivated me from across the parking lot, along with several other people, who like me, went straight to the display to see what it was.  I really like what it's called, too.  Can't you picture a woman with that name?  Silene.  In my mind though she isn't all pink and dainty like this...

When my day started, the weather was Spring at its best:  warm, with fluffy clouds, blue skies...

Two hours later, when we got home, Spring at its worst was rolling across the Valley in a series of thunderstorms, high winds, lashing rain.  Guess it's a good thing that my immediate chores are indoors today...

So, I unload the car, put all the plants outside in the back, then haul the printer up the stairs and begin to unpack.  I'm only vaguely nervous that my expectations will be dashed, and that's based on some research I did over the weekend on this particular model.  There were 98% five-star ratings, and 2% hate-it-with-a-passion ratings.  I pretty much figured that after the POS I joyfully destroyed, the new printer would have to be the worst thing ever made to even come close.

In under an hour, I had it hooked up, wireless going strong, printing like a dream, paper and photos.  What a's quiet, efficient and cool.  I can't wait to get back to the make-my-own postcards plan--after the bathroom is finished, of course.

And speaking of that.  I need to get to work; it's now Day Six of my one day project.  Though at least now I can dream of other things while I work: digging, planting, flowers; printing, postcards, a solid piece of equipment.  Nice...


  1. Seeing your plants reminds me how much I want to get starts for our community garden plot...

    1. After many years in Scotland's very short growing season, it's a miracle to me that this early in April there are plants and flowers growing in such abundance here.

  2. LOL We bought the same printer from Costco the same week. Best printer we ever bought!