Saturday, April 14, 2012


I took a day off work yesterday.  I needed a break from that bathroom.  Course, the boys don't understand the concept of sleeping in, or lounging about in the mornings.

At 7:15, apparently the doggy version of High Noon, Max--on one side--began his usual wake up call by snorting, rolling, and digging his nose into my back.  This spurred Ozzy--on my other side--to stretch, yawn, and slap me in the face with a paw.  Cripes.  For a brief moment I contemplated the likelihood of ever again having a man in my bed with these two around.  Another poke in the back, slap in the chin, followed by a wild tumble of "good mornings," belly rubs and the pure joy a dog finds in a new day...and I guess that works just fine for me.

Later, after walks and lunch, I decided to dink with my printer.  I might be sending out wedding invitations soon.  I love this machine.

I've had these two 8 x 10 frames for awhile, not sure what I wanted them for, but they were just too cool to pass up.  I thought I would put them in the bathroom.  No, not the bathroom-only-a-California-mother-could-love...the other one.  The normal one.  The colors in this room have evolved into shades of green; these frames are green too, though worn and faded, like old barn wood.

Yesterday I wanted to experiment, see what the new printer was capable of doing with my photos.  This is what I ended up with:  the hummingbird, and a spider web on the back fence covered in frost.  Each photo has some green (hummingbird body, pines behind the web) and turned out just right, for the frames and the bathroom.

Closer view, but still not as good as in person.  There aren't any windows in this room.  I have very bright lights, but it's not natural lighting so these shots are sort of darkish.

The printer did the most amazing job.  It shouldn't be any trouble to print out those invitations...


After framing and hanging the pictures, I got inspired--by necessity--to make some banana bread.  I really don't like bananas, except in a peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich, or banana bread.  I bought three bananas the other day then forgot about them.  Until yesterday afternoon.  You could find a ripe banana in the dark with a hundred other odors up your nose.  So, waste not, want not...I made the bread.

And it was/is delicious, especially toasted.  Oh yum.


Then I sat down and wrote Soul Deep.  The story had been niggling and itching in my mind all day.  Many times over the years I've wondered about soul mates: do they really exist; how do you find yours; what if you miss each other; are you supposed to be together in every incarnation?  There have been many movies and books on this theme, of course.  And no concrete answers.

The plot came out different than I thought.  As my stories often do.  I felt sorry for the woman, finding her man but unable to have him.  But that's just me.  Once she got over the shock and heartbreak, she seemed resigned to the hand fate had dealt, her spirit eased by his happiness.  Is that the ultimate sacrifice in true love?  Or was she able to do it because she knew someday they would be together again?


After the story was finally out of my head, I made a small pizza, popped the cap on an ice-cold Dos Equis, and sat down to watch this amazingly wonderful little piece of animation called The Illusionist.  It was a joint venture between France and Scotland in 2010, and won many awards.

Basically it's about a magician who has to move from town to town, country to country, finding places to perform.  In our modern, callous world, he is competing against rock stars; times are changing, people no longer care about illusion.  He goes to Scotland, befriends a young woman who thinks what he does is true magic, and they end up in Edinburgh.  The animation was so outstanding, I could name the streets--have walked those streets--the artwork was that good.

It was a poignant story, with barely a word of dialogue.  A visual film to just watch, enjoy, and feel sad for a man who's craft no longer matters to anyone but himself.  It was a brilliant little movie...and not just because most of it took place in my favorite city in the world.

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