Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the Moment...Right or Wrong

This morning--a sunny, though very breezy one--the boys and I went out to the County Park for the last time until Fall.  I really don't understand this prohibition, or how it became law to forbid dogs in a park paid for in part by my tax dollars, but hey, who am I to question??  Though I do.

Signs were posted all over the place today.  And frankly?  I agree with the top part of the sign:  This is definitely the wrong way to deal with things.

The river is on the left (in the photo above). We walked to the edge of the drop-off, about ten feet down to the water.  It was really rushing today which seemed odd as there hasn't been any rain for awhile.

After the river section of our walk, the path winds into the grass, trees and meadows area.  There's a wire fence that separates one part of the park from a Master Garden, managed by the University of Oregon. The biggest pumpkin I've ever seen was grown in that garden.

I love when "domestic" plants escape and start a wild, new life elsewhere.

I had parked in the trees, under a thick canopy of leaves, to keep the car out of the sun.  After giving the boys their water, I was taking my camera from around my neck when I glanced up into the leaves overhead.  I could clearly see the veins in each leaf as the sun lit them from behind.  Just as I snapped the photo, the breeze shifted...and I got this sunburst instead.

Right or wrong, our walks at the County Park are over for another season.  I'll miss the quiet, and the diversity of river, meadows, trees.  Fall seems so far away from this sunny day in May...


  1. What a beautiful area...


    p.s. And yes. Leaving my marriage, my home. Perhaps it can be fixed? I don't know...

    1. The thing about someone who is always cheerful (your hilarious blog) is the total shock it is to find things are crap in your world!

      I know it sounds trite and blah blah, but I've been there, done that. And it sucks. Somehow though, we get through it--painfully, tearfully, wounded for sure, but we get through.