Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the Moment...Supermoon

My hope for a great supermoon photo didn't pan out quite as I expected, mainly because I'm on the wrong end of the mountain to see the moon coming over the horizon.  It wasn't until after 9:00pm last night--when the moon crested the ridge--that I was able to take any photos at all.  Though it was still really large, and very bright, the moon wasn't as enormous as when just rising.

In case you didn't know: this full moon is the biggest of the year; 13% bigger actually, and 30% brighter because its orbit is closer to Earth than at any other time in 2012, hence the supermoon designation.

I took this picture from my front deck, through the Birch trees, on a beautiful, warm Saturday night, a tantalizing hint of Summer in the soft breeze. 

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