Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipsed By Weather...and Wishes

Later today there's to be a solar eclipse, fully visible from southern Oregon/northern California, in a long arc across the Southwest, then partially visible elsewhere around the country. 

I've been waiting all week for it.  Up here, on my mountain, I have a completely unobstructed view over the Valley, to the Coast Range.  The sun is in my face--and windows--from early afternoon until it sets in the evening. The weather has been clear, hot and very sunny for days, if not weeks.

This morning it's overcast and cloudy.  Seriously.  Crap visibility.

I'm hoping, over the next 8 -9 hours, that the overcast will dissipate and I'll be able to at least see a bit of the action between the clouds.

You know that old saying, be careful what you wish for?  I've wished for a break in the unrelenting sun for awhile now.  Isn't it bizarre that the one day I actually want clear skies, it's cloudy?  And that's the catch with a wish.  Yours might be granted, but it won't be how you expected.

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