Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Postcards and Trolls...

Busy morning before walking the dogs.  I was trying to get the postcards done so I could mail them after the walk and prior to getting my hair cut at Noon.  (Yes, I capitalize the seasons, Noon and Midnight.  I don't understand why everyone doesn't--they are actual events--just like the months.  Whatever.  I stand alone in this, and that's fine).

The cards came out great.  I meant to scan them so I could do a little Show and Tell, but in my haste, I spaced it and only have one left--the experimental one.  Still, you can see the front and back of the card.

This is the upper course of White Horse Falls...one of several falls on the road to Crater Lake National Park.  It's very lush, deep forest.  I would love a little cabin right on that left bank...

Turning the card over, this is how the back looks.  I had some problems at first, but managed to figure out that a glue stick--to attach front to back--doesn't work, but permanent spray adhesive does.  (It's also quite good for sticking shoes to garage floors in the overspray, but that's another story).

I was very pleased with the weight, and the way the cards actually looked like "real" postcards.  I sent off three from my Postcrossing list, then one to Jan, (the BFF) as she wanted to see how they handled in the mail.  I had been telling her about a blog post I'd recently read where the author had been in Seattle on a trip and had taken a picture of the Troll Under the Bridge...a bridge that was just down the hill from where Jan and I used to live.  Under his big hand is a VW.  She really wanted to see it, so I made a postcard out of the photo and sent it to her.  It turned out really cool.

The Troll Under the Bridge...

(Original photo taken by Ree Drummond - www.thepioneerwoman.com)

So.  Back to this morning.  I dash off some words, stamp the cards, toss the boys in the car, go for a walk, post the cards, then just make my hair appointment.  Whew!! 

After I get home, I have to mow the frigging lawn again--and what's the deal with that??  Is it some kind of super grass?  Alien pod stalks?  Seriously, I'm having to mow twice a week or the dogs disappear into a Honey I Lost the Kids scenario.  After the lawn, it's the weekly deer spray, which so far is actually working.

And that's all, folks...

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