Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backtracking the Moments...

Had a great weekend with Mom and Gail.  My sister arrived about 1:30pm Friday, then Mom rolled in around 4:00.  Unpacking and talking and wine pouring ensued while I made the Cornish pasties.  I loved making them again, and they tasted just as great here as they always did in Edinburgh.

Saturday, the three of us hit Kruse's Farm.  My sister and I had given Mom carte blanche for flowers and plants for her Mother's Day present, and I think she pretty much cleaned out the place.  It was really fun.  My sister found a beautiful hanging basket (that I should have taken a photo of, but didn't) and a few other plants; I stuck to produce and pastry bits.  My trusty Blazer was stuffed to the ceiling by the time we were through.

After dropping off all the greenery at the house, we went back down the mountain and had a really nice lunch.  It was blazing hot outside so the cooler air in the restaurant saved me.  As did the root beer float.  For once it was okay to be the designated driver.

For dinner, Gail and I made this new pasta recipe, and wow, was it good.  I modified it a bit as I don't like prosciutto, so subbed pancetta instead, and cut back just a tad on the Dijon mustard.  It was a truly delicious recipe.  Anyone want to try it?  The recipe.

And here's what it looked like, with a salad on the side, and the monastery bread (also yummy).  Only thing missing from the photo was the wine, a nice sparkling Lambrusco my sister was pouring when I took this shot.

Later that night, the sunset was lovely across the Valley.

Sunday we all took the dogs for a walk.  I had to get more deer spray, so we went to the Co-op, where my sister found the bush bean plants she wanted, and I got some watermelon sprouts, two San Marzano tomato plants, and this very whimsical and funny garden ornament.  (I will post a photo tomorrow...after I take it tonight, in the dark...)

And then, as always happens, the weekend was over too soon.  Early afternoon, after packing both cars, lots of hugs, and waves, they drive off and I turn to look at the boys in the sudden silence.  We stare at each other for a moment, then they walked upstairs and flopped down like they were exhausted from all the carousing and wine drinking and delicious food, and didn't move again until hours later at dinner time.  It's apparently very tiring to be petted and fussed over and fed treats, poor wee boys.

I thought about planting my zucchini (bought a few weeks ago) and watermelon, but that meant I had to build the raised bed boxes.  It was really hot.  I didn't want to.  But I also didn't want the plants to croak.  So I made two of the boxes, filled them with dirt, then planted the zucchini and the tomatoes before I dropped from heat stroke.  I grabbed a bottle of water and sat on the deck for a minute before lugging the hose up the bank...just as Mr and Mrs Quail came through the fence.  I had the camera outside with me, and very slowly, and quietly, managed to take these two shots.

He had that funny little topknot male quails have that wave and bob when they walk, like a peacock feather stuck in a hat band, though in this picture you can't see it.  He looks like he has a Mohawk...and needs to get on the StairMaster.

Then, as I sat very still--they're so flighty and timid--the Mrs came through the fence.  And isn't it strange in the bird world how the males are the fancy ones?  (If you click on the photo, you might be able to see his head feather).  I watched them for a few minutes longer, but then had to get on with things.  When I moved, they both leaped through the fence rails and dashed down the slope.
Later, in the early evening, I noticed this exquisite Iris growing under the Birch trees in the front garden.  It's just stunning, isn't it?  Very Georgia O'Keeffe: sensual and alluring and so...enticingly feminine.

It was a great weekend.


  1. That was a gorgeous sunset, although, I bet it was better to witness in the person.

    1. It really was beautiful, and seemed to take longer than usual to set, giving us time to truly appreciate it.