Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jewels in a Pine Tree

This morning whilst walking the dogs, I noticed something sparkling high up in a very large pine tree.  I had my camera with me because I haven't taken any pictures for several days and I miss the immediacy of photography.  The boys were off-leash in this enormous field of grass and trees, so I was unencumbered--other than keeping a vigilant eye on them.

What I discovered, once I was standing under the boughs and looking up, were these long waterfalls of pine pitch, dripping like exotic necklaces down the tree, covering the rough bark.  It was strikingly beautiful in the sun and shadow, gleaming like strands of amber pearls.

I was disappointed when I got home and looked at my shots however.  The glitter and sparkle didn't come across at all, though part of my problem was how high up I had to shoot with my telephoto, which threw off the angle and changed the light as it struck the shining golden orbs.  (That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.)

This first shot shows one little part of the tree with the long strands.  In person, each string was glowing in the sun...

Closer view, and now the little orbs at the end of each string are more visible...

Along another side of the tree, I saw these  hanging baubles.  There are also many layers of pine pitch that have built up over the years, encasing the bark in a deep coating...of protection?  Preservation?

Very close telephoto.  These little beads were dangling far above my head like little strobe lights as they waved in the gentle breeze.

It was great browsing in Nature's jewelry store this morning.  In about a million years, someone will come along and find the most stunning strings of amber.  How cool...
(Click on photos for better view)

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