Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Ball

I'm off in a few minutes, heading east to attend the 5th Annual Willow Manor Ball. Having missed the previous four, I am not about to miss this one.

My dress--design reproduced for Penelope Anne Miller's scene in the movie, The Shadow--will look beautiful as I dance, or sip a slender glass of Absinthe chatting with the other guests. Course, that pesky Truman Capote, no doubt standing at the front door acting like it's his party, will be catty and jealous, wishing he could look so stunning in white satin....

And yes, that brings to mind that lovely old song by the Moody Blues.  It will inevitably fill me with longing for a moment or two, reminding me of that night in--well, that's a story best kept in my dark and mysterious past, though the lyrics explain much if one listens.

I had every intention of going to the Ball without a date.  Why?  Because there is much to be said for flying solo to a star-studded event such as this one.  After all, you never know what may happen, or who you might bump into.  It's best to be unencumbered and ready for anything.

But then, JD got wind of my plans, and said he just had to accompany me, for two reasons: one, he has never been to Willow Manor; and secondly, he felt like taking me to a party.  Since he's still getting over the demise of his relationship, I thought it would do him good to get out and enjoy himself.  Besides, I never quite know what he'll do next, which adds an edge to any adventure when he's around.  Who knows where I'll end up...and isn't that part of the fun?

Since we're traveling from the West Coast in my private jet, I told JD we would make our way to the Manor by limousine, but he said having just purchased a 1936 Mercedes Benz 500K, he's eager to give it a good test drive, plus he can't help wanting to make a Grand Entrance.  We laughed, then discussed how to get the car stowed properly on the plane.

So, I must stop writing as it's time to leave for the airport to rendezvous with my dear friend Johnny, then we'll be winging our way to Willow Manor and the Event of the Year. 

Oh, I'm so excited!  Must go!  And hey, maybe I'll see you there.  Ta ta for now...


  1. That's a lovely dress of Penelope, sexy too ~

    JD as your date,he is dreamy ~ Enjoy the ball ~

  2. Johnny Depp...white satin...oh oh oh!

  3. No problem: take it apart first though and reassemble on landing. What style. Puts our '57 Cadillac in the shade.

  4. For drool-worthy clothes, there isn't a single outfit Penelope wears in The Shadow movie that I don't covet. My favorite is this white satin dress, though there's also a stunning beaded black one that I also love.

    Goes without saying I would walk more than mile for say nothing of going for a long drive in this gorgeous car with him...sigh.

    Wonderful party, Tess! Thanks for the great time!

  5. ...never been to Willow Manor. I think I'd question that. The white dress and wrap are as glamorous as one can get! Enjoy dancing in JD's arms ... that is until half the women in the room cut in.

  6. You were one of the loveliest couples at the ball!